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About Conservetec

Conservetec is a developer and distributor of specialty consumer and commercial products. Conservetec is rapidly becoming renowned as a world leader for new, innovative, high-quality products that focus on saving our resources.

Our core focus is to develop resource saving products that Save Energy, Save Water and Save our Air.

As we continue into this new millennium we find tremendous upheaval and change in the world we love. Over the next few decades, billions of humans will advance from third world survival to first world abundance, and for the first time our resources will be placed under immense and yet unseen strain. Great leaps are being made in the advancement of alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles but sadly much of our home and office lifestyles are grossly resource inefficient and in great need of an overhaul. Change is coming, in fact it has come... most of just haven't realized it yet.

While many have creative ideas to come up with new things, Conservetec doesn't just stop there. Our experienced entrepreneur team thrives on innovation to bring these new advanced to products we use everyday.

Conservetec products will save our customers energy, save their water and make their air cleaner, saving them money, conserving our resources for the next generation and helping to make the world a better place to live in.

By combining cutting edge knowledge in the advances of engineered materials including nano technology, environment algorithm modeling and by taking a bold approach to "making good ideas great", we are able to bring new and innovative products to the market.

Our principal selling channels include ecommerce, wholesale through select US and international retailers, and business-to-business sales teams for marketing our exclusive and proprietary products.


Conservetec is Excited to Announce its First Publicly Available Product. The World's First and only 100% Pure Convection Wall-mounted Panel Heater.

We evaluated hundreds of heating options, but eventually looked outside the traditional heating industry for new ideas. We soon realized that nature provided the ultimate model for what we wanted to achieve. Our engineers discovered a fanless heating option by simulating multiple pathways, or "stacks," inside the Envi to facilitate the flow of cool air through the bottom of the unit and maximize heat transfer out of the top. Learn more